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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  September 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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right now a life-threatening storm is about to make landfall in florida and move our way. 25 million people are under some type of weather advisory and folks are lining up for gas, piling up the sandbags and some are already without power. thank you for joining us. i'm lesli foster. >> we're tracking hermine tonight. now it's a hurricane and turning ever closer to the florida coastline. >> let's get to topper shutt who just received an update. >> tre
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little bit so it's not going to strengthen before making land fall. it's going to remain 80 miles per hour. it's just offshore but hurricane force winds are still onshore just to the east of apalachicola and it continues to move and kind of waiver a little bit. it will probably make land fall technically in the next few hours. hurricane warning where the storm is but look at all the tropical storm watches. they're up and down the eastern seaboard covering most eastern seaboard. it's going to take a track to the east of tallahassee, to the west of charleston. just to the west of hatteras by 8 a.m. saturday. by the time it gets there winds will be 50. by that time rain and showers are going to make it in to the northern neck and lower bay and also delmarva. the real troubling part, it doesn't go anywhere. sunday, monday, tuesday. tuesday at 11:00 for crying out loud it is still off the atlantic coast. that's why we're so concerned with massive beach erosion. we mentionedar
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tropical storm watch south through the bay. obviously one of the bigger problems is going to be the beach erosion and also the rip currents. i'm telling you i wouldn't let anybody go in the water this weekend. we're looking at rip currents. current moves from land back out. nobody can fight the current. you swim parallel to the shore, get out of it then you return to land. we will come back and talk about the differences of this storm, what's going to make the difference between the metro area and the different impacts on the beaches. big difference. now reminder, you can track the storm with us by downloading our free app. there's a tropical layer on there for you and we'll push you severe weather alerts. we'll talk about the different impacts between the beaches and the metro. and i'm just digesting new information. may be good news for us. >> we'll take that when you've got it. let's get to breaking news tonight. four people shot in two separate shootings. we begin with a v
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>> right now the hunt is still on for a suspect seen running away from the scene wearing all black clothing. >> the teen died earlier this evening at a hospital. sources tell us horrifically he was shot in the head. another person was also shot in this shooting incident. that man is still in the hospital tonight. all this happened in broad daylight just a few blocks away from a high school. >> i heard four shots all together. >> reporter: my husband told me someone was laying on the ground. i came immediately out. he said i think he's dead. >> gunshot wound to the head. >> i ran out and went around the corner and he was definitely on the ground face down. >> reporter: at 217 police responded to the 1900 block of 16th street southeast. when they got here, they found two
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wounds. one, a teen. one, an adult. the adult was shot in the leg. police found him about a block away from the teen. his injuries are not life-threatening but the teen's were. >> it was grave when he left the scene. >> reporter: groups of people flocked to the scene. the young victim was a sophomore in her class just last year. >> very funny, easy going kid. so i only have positive things to say. very easy to redirect. very respectful and a loving person and he wand to be a comedian. >> this isn't the first shooting to happen in this neighborhood. one commissioner says he wants to see a heavier police presence. >> it is imperative that they do this because on any given day we have shootings in broad daylight. it is
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>> police do say the shootings stemmed from the same incident but they aren't saying how or if the victims knew each other. reporting live at police headquarters, wusa 9. >> hoping for more details so police can crack the case. right now cops only working off a very vague suspect description. if you have any information, no matter how small, police would like to hear from you. police also on the scene of another shooting in southeast. >> this one is on the other side of the suitland parkway where a man and woman had been shot. let's get to garrett live at the scene in the 3200 block of 15th place southeast. >> a very active scene here tonight. still very much developing. police got the call a little bit before 10:00 tonight for what they originally thought was a triple shoot ing, originally thinking there were three victims here on the scene, they discovered only a man and a woman, both shot. i'm told by police
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suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. let me give you a look at the scene. it extends outside in to the street all the way in to the last home behind me so police have quite a lot that they're looking in to here tonight. one other bit of information. there was also a small child inside the home. the child was not shot, not grazed, but is being taken to be evaluated. the only look-out information given by police is a male suspect. description too vague to be helpful at this point. still very much a developing situation out here. we're tracking metro tonight. the transit agency says the rhode island avenue station will remain closed at least through tomorrow for inspection. the metro shut down the stop late this afternoon after more debris fell from the ceiling. is
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no one was hurt. red line trains will bypass the rhode island avenue stop tomorrow and free shuttle buses will run through the rhode island avenue and brooklyn stations. centers for disease control has taken the lead on investigating the outbreak of hepatitis a linked to egyptian strawberries in smoothies. >> the federal agency now counts 70 people who got sick by smoothies in tropical smoothie cafe in seven states. a majority of the cases are in maryland. >> reporter: denise clark of virginia beach loves tropical smoothie cafe's bahama momma's smoothie so much, she kept ordering them even after she felt unwell in early august. >> i started getting sick to my stomach but really didn't know why i was getting sic
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lost my appetite. so the less i ate, the more smoothies i wanted. >> reporter: after a diagnosis of hepatitis a and a week of painful symptoms, she's now among those suing the restaurant chain. >> why couldn't the strawberries be bought right here in the usa? why did it have to go so far and put me and others in jeopardy of getting some type of illness? >> reporter: this afternoon the cdc announced it linked 70 cases of hepatitis a in seven states to the egyptian strawberries previously used in virginia area cafes. 32 people have had to be hospitalized. cdc investigators believe all the tainted smoothies were sold in virginia or neighboring states. with the outbreak's epicenter in northern virginia where more than 30 cases have been recorded. tropical smoothie cafe says it's cooperating closely with investigators and has destroyed all the affected strawberries. food safety is tropical smoothie cafe's top priority and we are deeply sorry for anyone who may have become ill after visiting one of our virginia area cafes, e
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this evening. that's not good enough for clark who received a hep a vaccine after recovering and has new plans for her bahama momma smoothies. >> i also invested in a ninja and i'll make my own smoothies for now on. >> food safety experts believe the exposure period for hepatitis at the cafes is over, but the virus' incubation period runs from 15 to 50 days, which means we're still likely to see the number of affected people go up. court documents revealing the alleged motive on a vicious attack on a woman six month pregnant. >> her ex-boyfriend charged with the crime apparently did not want to be a dad. 18-year-old dakota brothers of aspen hill is behind bars, charged with attempted murder. police say he lured his ex-girlfriend in to woods in kensington yesterday and stabbed her repeatedly with a kitchen knife. the 19-year-old is said
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stable and doctors had to perform an emergency c-section and the baby is in intensive care. the family of a baby killed in a pedestrian crash is receiving an outpouring of support and money tonight. a gofundme account for the schultz family has pulled in more than $40,000 after 5-month-old tristan died and his mother mindy schultz was severely injured. today people dropped off flowers, balloons, and well wishes at the scene of yesterday's crash. mother and baby were hit in a crosswalk while walking across riverside parkway. schultz was pushing little tristan in a stroller when a 2011 jeep grand cherokee coming in the same direction turned left and hit them. >> just wanted to come out and do something to show we cared. it's such a hard time for the family i'm sure and nobody wants to be invasive and see what they need at the same time. want to show them that we care. >> the driver has not been identified but we do know he
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a 45-year-old man. loudoun county detectives seized his cell phones to investigate possible distracted driving. at this point no charges have been filed. today georgetown university took steps to atone for owning and selling slaves almost 200 years ago. back in 1838 the school sold 272 slaves to sugar cane plantations in louisiana all to pull georgetown out of debt. today the university president formally apologized. he said the school will give those slaves 15,000 descendants priority in admission and said georgetown will create an institute for the study of slavery and legacy. >> they said okay, we need to do something about it and really kind of hold our institution accountable to really care for all the students like we say we do. >> scholarships and financial support toward the aspirations of the descendants. that's the ground floor. that's thear
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>> that's a descendant who says georgetown is not doing enough. the university is also renaming two buildings that were dedicated to two former university presidents involved in the slave trade. one building will be named for a slave named isaac. another for educator anne marie bickroft. six people in the head start program are facing discipline. they include certified teachers, classroom aides and an administrative supervisor. the program recently lost $6.5 million in federal funding after a scathing report accused teachers of abusing and humiliating preschool kids. a local family, 13 people struggling to start over after a fire, and tonight they're all stuck in one small hotel room with a new challenge. >> the former stanford swimmer who served only three months for rape is set to be
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when he walks out of jail tomorrow? >> and quarterback colin kaepernick stages another protest. this one on military night. see how the crowd reacts.
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we've been following a lot of breaking news tonight. this story out of howard county. police have found two people dead inside of a home and they suspect it's a double homicide. police have taken a family member in to custody. the crime scene in the 9500 block of queens guard court in laurel. police say they'll be there working throughout the night on this case. new tonight, an update about a story we told you about earlier this summer. a fair fax county family of 13 displaced after their home caught fire. they're having trouble getting back on their feet. >> they can't find a new home it seems because of the sheer size of their family. >> reporter: if you think raising 11 children might be challenging, try doing it out of a hotel after your home goes up in flames. >> this is my
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>> reporter: that is the pearson family's life at the moment. in june an electrical fire damaged their springfield rental home. now this family of 13 is crammed in to four hotel rooms off i-95. what's left in their home, containers stacked one on top of another, along with donations from friends and strangers. they try to stay hopeful. >> keep on trusting in god. >> reporter: and keep their sense of humor. >> this is a hotel so the kids call it a home-tell. >> reporter: but it's not always easy. >> our normal is gone. >> reporter: yet they still have to do normal things. titus pearson still has to go to work. the kids have to start school in a situation that's anything but normal. >> the simple things such as the family being able to eat together. >> reporter: can't do that. it would require a kitchen table which won't fit. something as simple as a conversation about school. >> i'm taking
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and spanish 2. >> reporter: before they might have had that talk in the family room. now it's in the hotel hallway. >> we need a house for all of us. >> reporter: they can't seem to find one big enough for a landlord willing to take all 13. the biggest problem has been their previous home. >> our landlord has been giving us a horrible reference. >> reporter: he said they're good tenants who always paid on time. but he says it was too many people for his house. >> we've been with him for five years and we had a wonderful relationship. i've heard good things he's said about our family and we definitely appreciate it but the negative things seem too -- home will wait. >> reporter: this family needs a house, a home. but first they just need a chance. >> give our family a chance. just give us a chance. >> the pearsons have
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of the hotel by september 30th. that's not a long time from here. to see how you can help, you'll find this story on our wusa 9 mobile app. a former stanford university swimmer convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman outside a frat house will be released from jail tomorrow. brock turner has served half of a six-month sentence, a sentence so many people call just too lenient. that case prompted outrage. demonstrators are planning to gather outside the hotel for a protest. there's going to be a town hall meeting september 15th for people in ellicot city. it's going to be a chance for them to field questions and offer updates on the flood damage cleanup efforts. the county has put former fire chief joseph hur in charge of the recovery project. speaking of recovery, folks in florida are going to have work to do, aren't they? >> i guess the
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didn't intensify before making land fall. storm surge, 10, 12 feet. winds holding steady, 80 miles per hour. the good news for us, some of the models are a little further east and south again. i don't see much in the way of trouble here. good enough for yellow weather alert. let me show you this. this is brand new. this is a storm surge map. it's an experimental product. see the red there? that's a possible 10 to 12-foot storm surge and that is one of the sort of underestimated effects of hurricanes. it often catches folks off guard. this big bend area, not very populous. look at the breadth and real estate, the tropical storm watches are taking up and tropical storm warnings here denoted in yellow just south of norfolk. that's pretty big. we'll zoom in. we mention this earlier. so smith point south, lower bay, you've got a tropical storm watch and this is really where the heavy rain is going to be
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going to be. you can see winds of 30 to 50 miles per hour in that area and 40 to 50 at the shore. let's talk about the differences between what happens here and what happens at the shore. it's going to be night and day. showers for us. nothing heavy. but heavy rain at the shore. winds here, 15 to 25. that's about it. but 40 to 50-mile-per-hour winds at the shore. waves, 1 to 3 feet on the bay. wouldn't recommend boating on saturday. but only 1 to 3 feet. 3 to 8 feet at the shore. we don't see any flooding whatsoever here. showers sort of end pretty quickly saturday. stays cloudy. but beach erosion, huge problem at the shore and some flooding as well. our three-degree guarantee, we made it. 85. high was 83. we'll go 83 tomorrow. live look outside. it's our live michael and son weather cam. dark. 73. light shower at the airport. winds have turned.
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that's good. that's the cold front pushing through, not hermine. one little shower just clearing south of dc and moving across 95. heavy rain, not severe, but heavy rain around mount vernon. this is going to head to the south and east, headed to waldorf on our storm tracker, about 11:31. heavy rain, just get ready for that. we'll break this down. we're in the 60s even downtown tomorrow to start. 79 by 1:00. a gorgeous day. cut the grass tomorrow. showers on saturday, 78. but really nothing heavy and not a wash-out. more showers on sunday and upper 70s. then nice for labor day at least here. different story at the shore. nats back in town. back in the 90s wednesday, thursday. you know what else is nice? football is here. >> football is back. up next, the final cuts for the nfl. a look at how keenan reynolds faired tonight. plus a gol
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it's going to be a tense couple of days for former navy quarterback keenan reynolds. he had one target and one catch for 2 yards tonight plus a couple fair catches in the ravens preseason finale. now he must wait to see if he made the final roster. scene drafted last year, solid debut for the ravens top pick. after battling back from injuries, he's had two catches for 25 yards. ravens hope he's part of an improved passing attack. michael pierce gets the sack, fumble, and recovers it for the touchdown. in san diego tonight, military night. quarterback colin kaepernick didn't stand once again for the national anthem. he kneeled. he was joined this time by
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os when he took the field but his teammates hugged him after the anthem. it's the beginning of the end of deflate gate. yay. some good, some bad. brady gets picked off on the patriots' first possession. brady played the whole first half, completing 16 of 26 passes for one pick and this touchdown to keshawn martin. brady will be eligible to return for the october 9th game against cleveland. from football to football. dc united visiting new york city fc. game tied at 2. dc united's six-match unbeaten streak comes to an end. the history making female wrestler got to do something pretty awesome tonight. it wasn't just getting to throw out the first pitch. it was throwing out the first pitch to cal ripken, jr. himself. check it out. pretty good. you saw it high but over the plate. she
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they ruled up together before her big moment. ripken says it's the first time he's ever caught a ball from a gold medalist. check out this duo. two legends hanging out. gold medalist katie ledecky and the boss himself, bruce springsteen. springsteen playing tonight at nationals park and the gold medal winningmm swier got to go back stage and show off her hardware. the boston red sox david ortiz in the final month of his retirement tour. big papi as he's known. check that out. big papi, meet big lego papi. almost 35,000 legos, over 300 hours of work. how does he get that home? >> hopefully it doesn't fall apart. >> something we have to address tonight, it took about 80 years for western hunters to drive the american bison to near extinction. the maryland terrapins are going to do that to the howard bison
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my terrapins -- >> that's just wrong. >> leslie's bison going at it for the first time in school history in the 150-year storied history of these schools. >> to talk this much and make this much noise, you're not feeling that confident. when you're from howard and you're a bison -- >> some of us are just having
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a little rain headed our way this weekend. >> nothing heavy, good enough for a weather alert. more showers here, hammer t
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